For all your Gunsmithing needs...

We will repair, restore, and customize your firearms, performing anything from a deep clean to re-coating.

Basic Shop Rates

Basic Shop Rate: $65 per Hour.

Please note: Any item left longer than 180 days after services rendered will be considered abandoned and sold to cover the cost of the repair.

Laws We Must Observe

California residents must present CAID on dropoff and pickup by state law. Same person who dropped off weapon must pick it up by federal law. If it must be picked up by a different person for any reason, they must complete a 4473 and background check, and observe the waiting period.

Out of town customers: We must return the firearm to the same person/place we received it from by federal law.

Folks, we don’t make the rules; we just have to follow them like everyone else. Please don’t be upset if we will not make exceptions. It puts you as risk of committing a gun-related crime.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any firearm work or work that we deem would render a firearm unsafe.
  • We DO NOT remove or deactivate any firearm safeties.
  • Parts installed with thread locker will incur an additional removal charge.
  • Firearms left over 30 days will incur a $10 per month storage fee.