1858 Remington Steel 5.5" .44


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1858 Remington Steel 5.5" .44

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The Colt 1836 patent expired in 1857, and the next year, Remington introduced a solid-frame design that was both elegant and reliable. The 1858 Remington became so famous that it was the prevailing choice of military officers following the Civil War. Its full-frame design still makes it a top choice for black powder shooters today as the cylinder can be removed without taking the firearm completely apart, unlike the Colt models. The steel remington features a forged steel frame, blued parts, brass triggerguard, octagonal barrel, dovetail front blade sight, and walnut two-piece grips. A conversion cylinder is available for this model that is a drop-in conversion to smokeless .45LC/.45Schofield (for the .44 model) and .38SP (for the .36 model) ammunition.

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